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HYGETROPIN 100 I.U. (Hygene)

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COMES WITH VERIFICATION CODES !!! Human Growth Hormone, The professionals choice for Ultimate Gains in Size and Strength. Some call it a wonder drug which causes gigantic strength and muscle gains in the shortest time. It also burns away fat as it switches your bodys primary source of fuel to stored fats rather then stored carbs. Verify your GH set at




I've used dr lins hyge for the last 6 months and now using original hygene. Have I benefited, yes, I've had improved sleep, my injuries, mainly lower back have been a lot better and also I've stayed leaner than I would have without it. is it worth the money? for me, probably yes

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HYGETROPIN 100 I.U. (Hygene)

HYGETROPIN 100 I.U. (Hygene)